British Rowing and Salty Lemon Entertainment announce partnership to drive indoor rowing engagement

Salty Lemon Entertainment, the game development studio behind the virtual indoor rowing application EXR, is joining forces with British Rowing


Starting in June 2023, they will promote indoor rowing together to encourage greater participation in this sport. Members of both organizations will also enjoy exclusive benefits. The partnership announcement is accompanied by the release of a new EXR map featuring England’s Henley-on-Thames to add to rowing hotspots like Boston’s Charles River and Slovenia’s mesmerising Lake Bled already available.

British Rowing and Salty Lemon Entertainment have entered a year-long strategic partnership. Whilst British Rowing’s indoor rowing efforts primarily focus on offering workouts and introducing the sport to beginners through world-leading training programs, EXR uses gamification elements to motivate rowers to spend more time on their ergometers. Utilising their synergy, British Rowing’s presence in the world of exergaming will be fundamentally reinforced and EXR’s attendance at events will increase highly.

The partnership is based on mutual values and a shared vision. “Both organisations share the vision of supporting the growth of and participation in indoor rowing for anyone whatever age or ability worldwide. We want to help more people get a better experience using the rowing machine,” explains Chris Farrell, Project Manager of Indoor Rowing at British Rowing. He further elaborates on the reason why British Rowing chose EXR as a partner application. “EXR is machine agnostic, allowing more people with different rowing machines to enjoy a fantastic training experience which is something that supports our goals to increase participation across all areas.”

In due course, members of both organisations will profit from exclusive benefits like discounts and special in-app items. In the meantime, Salty Lemon Entertainment celebrates its new partnership by revealing a new virtual indoor rowing map. It is set in Henley-on-Thames, Great Britain’s traditional rowing hotspot and offers five routes. “As a welcome gesture to our British Rowing friends, we just released a new UK rowing course as a virtual training location,” says Alfred Campenaerts, CEO of Salty Lemon Entertainment. “Local rowers will be in for a treat because we meticulously reproduced Henley’s riverfront to replicate the town’s charm and create a homey feeling. A bit further down the Thames, rowers will be surprised by the fantasy parts that make exploring the new map even more exciting.”

Salty Lemon Entertainment is a Belgian game development studio producing EXR, the virtual indoor rowing app. EXR immerses rowers into its virtual worlds like Boston’s Charles River and uses gamification elements like challenges to motivate them to row longer and more often. The app offers multiple modes, third-party app integrations and a free trial.

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British Rowing’s indoor rowing services and resources can be found on the all-inclusive website Inside Indoor.