Join FreshWater Watch’s Great UK WaterBlitz from 7-10 June

Get involved in this free citizen science initiative to test your local waters (register by 29 May)


FreshWater Watch’s WaterBlitzes are community-wide events; members of the public can sign up to receive a free water testing kit and become citizen scientists by testing a waterbody local to them. The data collected by hundreds of people over this same time period gives an accurate and comparable snapshot of water health within a region.

The organisation believes – and we agree with them – that we cannot truly understand what is going on in our rivers without collecting evidence to demonstrate how healthy, or unhealthy, they really are.

The next WaterBlitz covers the whole country. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll be sent a free, easy-to-use water quality testing kit and instructions of how to measure the water quality. The tests only take 20 minutes and the results can be easily uploaded via the app or on the website. You can test water in your local river, stream, lake or pond and this needs to be done between Friday, 7 June to Monday, 10 June.

Registrations will close on Wednesday, 29 May, or earlier if numbers are exceeded.

Register here

About Earthwatch and the FreshWater Watch programme

Earthwatch Europe is an environmental charity that helps people take action to protect the natural world around them. We connect people with nature and give them the tools they need to fight for our planet. We support communities and organisations to build knowledge, create connections and motivate action.

Earthwatch’s FreshWater Watch programme is the largest citizen science water quality monitoring programme in the UK. Our rivers and freshwater habitats are at a crisis point and we need urgent action. FreshWater Watch trains communities to use our simple water monitoring toolkit to detect nutrient pollution.