British Rowing announces partnership with Delphis Eco

British Rowing has today announced a new partnership with Delphis Eco, the UK’s leading eco-friendly cleaning products company, which supplies innovative products to commercial and retail markets


The partnership is based on a shared vision to secure a clean and thriving environment in and around the UK’s rivers and waterways. It will see Delphis Eco supply its multi-award-winning cleaning products to over 130 rowing clubhouses across the UK; primarily for cleaning the boats, but also additional products for operations within the clubhouses.

As part of the collaborative launch, Delphis Eco will be joining British Rowing at the forthcoming 2024 British Rowing Junior and Senior Club Championships, to be held in Nottingham on 19-22 July, where clubs will receive Delphis Eco products at registration. Delphis Eco’s mission will be to educate visitors about the impact that toxic household cleaning products can have when discharged into the water systems, and how we can all work together to change this and make a real difference.

Alastair Marks, CEO of British Rowing said: “Working towards cleaning our waterways not only safeguards the future of our sport but of our planet. We are excited to be working with Delphis Eco to use safe cleaning solutions for the sport we love, aiming to preserve the quality of our waterways both for now and for future generations.”

Mark Jankovich, Founder and CSO, Delphis Eco added: “British Rowing cares about the environment as much as we do, and its Environmental Sustainability Strategy clearly demonstrates that. As well as helping our waterways to thrive the organisation is also working hard to reduce its carbon footprint and embed sustainable practices into all of its operations.

“At Delphis Eco, our commitment is all about reducing the number of harmful chemicals being poured down the drain and into the natural environment, and we’re delighted to team up with British Rowing to help make this happen. In this case, many raindrops do literally help to make an ocean!

“Our professional award-winning, ecological cleaning products are made from renewable, plant-based ingredients aiming to significantly reduce both our plastic waste, water pollution and carbon emissions. With over a decade of experience in tackling tough dirt, all Delphis products are formulated to be kind to the environment without compromising on quality or price.

“We’re enormously excited about our new partnership with British Rowing and not least would like to take this opportunity to wish the GB Rowing Team good luck for the forthcoming Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games!”

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