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Information abut the GB Rowing Team programme for Under 19s


The GB Rowing Team’s objective is to be one of the leading rowing nations in the world as measured by the medal and points tables at the World Rowing Championships for U19s, U23s and Seniors.

The GB Rowing Team U19 programme objectives are:

  • To establish junior rowers on the pathway to success at senior level
  • To provide opportunities for coaches and support staff working with juniors to develop at international level.

Outline of the season

The U19  Trials season runs alongside the club and school domestic programme. Coaches register rowers for the trials in October and those wishing to trial will then complete a number of ergometer (indoor rowing machine), land and on water assessments throughout the season. Some of the trials will be by invitation only, based on an individual rower’s performances. For a successful junior rower the season could look something like this:

NovemberOn water trial
DecemberPotential camp
FebruaryOn water assessment
MarchSpring Assessment Camp (by invitation only)
AprilSmall Boats Trials Regatta
MayJunior DRV Regatta (Germany) (by invitation only)
JuneCrew formation selection (by invitation only)
July/AugustInternational competition (by invitation only)
On water trial
Potential camp
On water assessment
Spring Assessment Camp (by invitation only)
Small Boats Trials Regatta
Junior DRV Regatta (Germany) (by invitation only)
Crew formation selection (by invitation only)
International competition (by invitation only)

GB Rowing Team U19 Programme Activities for J16s

The GB Rowing Team U19 Programme runs a number of activities for athletes who are in the J16 age group.  These activities are designed to be developmental experiences for the athletes and their coaches.

Full details of the J16 activities can be found in the junior strategy that is sent out to all registered coaches at the beginning of the season; information is also published on our J16 Development Programme page.

Further information for rowers, coaches and parents

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Information for Junior Rowers

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So you want to row for Great Britain?

The first thing you should do is discuss with your coach and your parents your potential to participate in the trials process for the coming season.

What should I expect?

Each year our ambition is to select teams to represent Great Britain at the International DRV Junior Regatta, the European Rowing U19 Championships, the Coupe de la Jeunesse and the World Rowing U19 Championships.

To be selected you will need to perform in the season’s junior trials process which is made up of a number of ergo assessments, land and on-water trials and assessments. Ergometer assessments will take place at your club/school and will be observed by your coach and a verifying coach from a registered school/club. On-water trials and assessments formats include long distance trials (head style racing in small boats), regatta racing and crew formation, possibly including seat racing. These will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your individual performance in a small boat and compatibility with others in crew boats. The results from water trials and ergometer assessments are used to monitor your development through the year and build your rower performance profile.

During the season your coach will be asked to submit some anthropometric information such as your height, arm span and weight and you may also be asked to undergo physio screening.  Information on this screening will be sent to your coach after they register.

How does rowing for GB fit with my club/school rowing programme and academic studies?

If you meet the standards to trial you will be supported by your club/school coach to prepare and perform at a number of trials and assessments. It is expected that you will continue to row and race for your club/school in the domestic calendar as this will benefit you greatly in the trials process.

Where possible we plan that our trials, assessments and camps are organised to take place on weekends and in the school holidays. However, some athletes may have to arrange days off school depending on their school term dates.

During camps, trials and competitions there is always some downtime. We encourage rowers to use this time to rest and recover. Many past athletes have found these times essential to get school work and exam revision done and we completely support this.

Some international competitions happen on weekends in May however the Coupe de la Jeunesse and U19 World Championships will happen in the summer holidays after school has finished.

What happens if I am invited to attend a residential assessment?

To select teams, British Rowing will run residential assessments which may take place over 3 or 4 days in April and July. The assessments will consist of a number of races and training sessions as well as some educational sessions. Camps are a great opportunity to learn and improve.

Your coach will be sent all the information needed about a residential assessment or camp before you go.

What information will my coach receive?

All rowers in the GB Rowing Team trialling process will be supported by a registered coach. Your coach will be given details on the relevant trials, assessment, camps, and when the ergo assessments are due. If you have any questions about the trials process ask your coach. If they are unsure they will be able to contact the British Rowing office for advice.

We regard the programme’s registered coach(s) as the first point of contact for any discussion about an athlete’s development or performance.  Therefore we may contact your coach periodically throughout the season to arrange visits, or discuss your progress/development. This communication is really important and therefore if you have any questions or concerns you should speak with your coach who can in turn contact the GB Rowing Team U19 Programme staff if necessary.

What happens if I get ill or injured?

Unfortunately illness and injuries do happen. If you become ill or have an injury let your coach know as soon as possible. If the illness or injury is going to affect an assessment or trial, your coach will contact the British Rowing office. It does not necessarily mean that you have to withdraw. If you become ill at a trial or residential camp there will be a team doctor or physio available to help you.

The British Rowing Performance Mindset

At British Rowing, we seek to support and develop individuals who are capable of, and energized by, the challenge to deliver optimal performances under pressure.

A successful rower will demonstrate the following psychological attributes:

  • A robust self-confidence that they can achieve their personal and team goals
  • A desire to learn through success, challenge and disappointment
  • An awareness of themselves, their emotions and mindset
  • An ability to adapt themselves to others and the environment around them
  • A competitive desire to win underpinned by strong sense of purpose and motivation
  • A trust in themselves, their teammates and their coach to rise to the occasion and deliver when it matters most.

Key behaviours that underpin these attributes are:

  • Demonstrating a robust pre-performance routine for optimal performance preparation
  • A focus on key performance controllables of what it takes to win
  • Learn from mistakes to create positive change at the next opportunity
  • Build and maintain effective relationships underpinned by trust and belonging
  • Make effective decisions with logical thinking while under pressure
  • Manage internal and external distractions effectively

Specific psychological and lifestyle qualities of the successful junior rower:

  • The self-discipline and organisational ability to balance a high volume and quality of training with academic, work and social pressures
  • An ability to take responsibility for their health, well-being and recovery
  • An ability to set and maintain high standards, often over and above those set and practised by others around them
  • An ability to balance their club pursuits with their International aspirations.

Parent/Guardian Information

Are there costs involved?

Though the GB Rowing U19 Programme activities are financially supported by British Rowing’s partners and sponsors there are costs for junior rowers that are involved. Predicted costs for trials, camps and competitions are sent out to all coaches at the start of the season and the exact cost of each event will be included in the specific event information that is sent out to coaches that have athletes involved in that activity.

What information will I receive?

As all rowers who are trialling are supported by a registered coach. We regard this coach as the first point of contact for any discussion about an athlete’s development or performance. The coach will receive information directly from the British Rowing office about each trial, assessment, camps and events.

Am I able to attend trials and competitions?

For certain assessments, owing to the restricted access to the riverbank and the large number of rowers at the event, we do not encourage spectators. Trials and assessments are a competitive environment and distractions should be minimised for the rower to help them focus on their performance.

Some parents may wish to travel to watch international regattas and there is often impressive support for Great Britain at competitions. The GB Rowing Team office is not able to book flights or accommodation for family members but coaches will be sent all information for rower’s concerning flight and accommodation details in advance of the competition.

The GB Rowing Team Supporters Group is an official support group coordinated by parents, friends and supporters of the GB Rowing Team. The group helps share information and helps those travelling to competitions connect with other supporters. You can sign up to join the supporters group through the GBRT Supporters page.

What information will I need to provide?

Rowers will be registered by their rowing coach at the start of the season. If the rower is selected for a camp or competition we will require parental permission, emergency contact details and dietary requirements. Information on how to submit this information will be given out prior to the event.

For any international camp or competition, we will require a copy of a rower’s passport for flight bookings and competition entry. How to submit passport details will be sent out to those who are travelling.


If you or your rower have a safeguarding concern please let your club’s welfare officer know as soon as possible.

Information for coaches

How and why do I register as a Coach?

Coaches need to register on an annual basis for the GB Rowing Team programme. When registering you will be asked for your contact details, club information and Criminal Records Check information (see below). It is possible to complete the form without a completed CRC check, which can be done at a later date.

By registering you will receive regular training guidance, strength and conditioning guidance and information to enable you to register athletes for the trials process when necessary. Please note that trials information and results will only be sent out to those coaches that have athletes participating.

Registration is required for any coach/club that has J18 rowers wanting to trial. It is not possible for a rower to enter the trials process without a coach and it is the responsibility of the coach to be the main point of contact for that rower.

Coach registration will open in early September and once available a link to the registration form can be found here. If you have not registered with the GB Rowing Team U19 Programme before then please contact the British Rowing Office or Holly Furniss for further information.

Coach registrations will close in early October.

What am I required to do?

Registered coaches will be sent relevant information about trials and assessments throughout the season. Coaches should be in attendance at all domestic GB Rowing Team U19 Programme events to support and guide their rower(s).

How are coaches selected for competitions?

The selection of the coaching team for each international competition is the responsibility of the Lead Coach of U19s and the Director of Performance. More information can be found in the junior strategy document that is sent out to all registered coaches at the beginning of the season.

  • A coach will be appointed to each selected crew.  Coaches are most likely to be appointed from amongst those who have worked closely with the scheme throughout the season.
  • Coaches will be allocated to crews bearing in mind the requirements of each crew and the expertise of each coach.
  • Coaches of successful candidates should not assume they will automatically accompany their candidates to the World Rowing U19 Championships or Coupe de la Jeunesse.

Do I need to have a Criminal Record Check?

All coaches who wish to attend any GB Rowing Team organised junior camps or invited to coach on a junior national team at an international competition will need to provide a valid Criminal Records Check (CRC) carried out through British Rowing.

A CRC lasts for 3 years and you will be asked to provide the CRC number at the annual coach registration or prior to attending any camps or international competitions. Non-British Rowing CRCs cannot be accepted so coaches will need to apply for a CRC through the British Rowing Office.

To apply for your CRC please contact Holly Furniss or your Club Welfare Officer to start the application.

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