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Whether you are looking to attract new members, get more people using your club facilities or generate additional revenue, becoming an official Go Row Indoor Club is a great way for your club, school, college, university or organisation to capitalise using the indoor rowing machine!


What is a Go Row Indoor Club?

A Go Row Indoor Club is a community rowing club, college, university or organisation that uses existing facilities to expand their rowing offer, connect with the wider local community, and help get more people active through indoor rowing.

With trained Go Row Indoor instructors and access to Go Row Indoor support, your club will have all the support it needs to promote and deliver new indoor rowing activities and fitness classes at times when indoor rowing machines and gyms are not typically being used by club members.

  • Attract new people to your club
  • Generate additional revenue for your club
  • Grow membership through indoor rowing membership offers
  • Be part of a unique and fast-growing part of the sport
  • Support the continued growth of indoor rowing participation
  • Expand your sporting offer – helping open access to more people including those from ethnic, economic and disability groups. As well as a first step to then link to on-water opportunities

What does my club receive upon signing up?

You’ll receive an extensive package of support from British Rowing, which includes:

  • Training for nominated club members – places on a Go Row Indoor Club workshop
  • Go Row Indoor class models – pre-designed classes for all abilities
  • Go Row Indoor marketing materials – marketing materials and resources to promote sessions and classes to the public
  • Go Row Indoor Club status – exclusive permission to use the designation ‘Go Row Indoor Club’ for a full year
  • Further engagement support – links to session plans, challenges and events, indoor rowing set up, and staff support

How much does it all cost?

The Go Row Indoor Club package, which includes delivery of training for two club instructors, is priced at £200 for Year 1.

We also offer bespoke in-person training at your club venue for a set price. Please do get in touch if your club is interested in this opportunity.

After Year 1, the cost of retaining Go Row Indoor Club status, continued British Rowing support, and additional space on a future Go Row Indoor Club workshop will be £95.00 per annum.

If your club is interested in the programme but is currently experiencing financial difficulty, please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] and we’d be happy to talk through possible options with you.

How does my club apply to become a Go Row Indoor Club?

It’s simple – you can either apply through your Club Administrator via British Rowing ClubHub. All your Club Administrator needs to do is click on your club’s profile, find the club affiliation tab and then click on the Go Row Indoor Club package icon to make an application. Alternatively, for those not using ClubHub, we can also email you over a simple online application form to complete.

Any new clubs interested in signing up should express an interest initially by emailing [email protected] – we’ll then get back to you to talk things through and answer any questions you have.

When are the next training workshops?

During the application process, clubs will need to identify two coaches or volunteers who will help deliver the Go Row Indoor classes at the club. These individuals must be available to attend a Go Row Indoor virtual training workshop and must complete the training before commencing any class delivery.

There are no prerequisites to attend this training. Clubs should choose individuals to attend the workshop who have interest in indoor rowing delivery, use the indoor rowing machine regularly and have some experience of teaching rowing. Clubs should also consider members who are good at interacting with new people and can help encourage participants to return back to the club time and time again.

Once you have applied as a club and submitted your application, we will be in touch to book your coaches onto the next virtual workshop and provide any final details on how to access the training.

If your interested in signing up, please email us at [email protected] to get your application processed.

What are the current Go Row Indoor Clubs saying about Go Row Indoor?

Julien Tavener, Bristol Ariel Rowing Club, Go Row Indoor Club Co-ordinator and Instructor

“The Go Row Indoor Club initiative has enabled us to provide an exciting and professional new exercise option to residents in our local community.

“Thanks to the support package provided by British Rowing, which included training and access to materials via British Rowing’s Go Row Indoor Brandhub, we’re confident in delivering a regular series of Go Row Indoor classes that are bringing in much-needed revenue and exposing the club and our unique facility to vibrant new audiences.”

Dermod Sweeney, Kingston Rowing Club, Go Row Indoor Club Co-ordinator

“Go Row Indoor is making the clubhouse available to the local community at otherwise dead times for the club – so a win-win situation. Also, it is producing some valuable additional income for the club.”

Dan O’Sullivan, The Ahoy Centre, Go Row Indoor Co-ordinator and Instructor

“Go Row Indoor is a great fitness concept which highlights the inclusivity and diversity that indoor rowing has to offer. Since running the classes at AHOY we have developed a fitness community amongst our ever-growing participants, who are more engaged with the charity and support the work we do in the local area.”

Rob Mayes,  Broxbourne Rowing Club & Blade Rowers, Go Row Indoor Co-ordinator and Instructor

“I’ve been a Go Row Indoor instructor for a couple of years leading indoor sessions at Broxbourne rowing club and more recently with my own indoor rowing club Blade Rowers. My rowing journey started at an indoor rowing class and it has had such a positive effect on my life that I wanted others to benefit from it too. Being signed up to the Go Row Indoor Club initiative has given me and Broxbourne RC the tools to deliver top quality fitness classes that are fun, addictive and suitable for all. British Rowing has always been there to offer support and guidance, which has been priceless. The accreditation also means you’re listed on the British Rowing website giving more exposure to the public and those seeking local clubs.”

Richard L, Marlow Rowing Club, Go Row Indoor Co-ordinator and Instructor

“We have been running Go Row Indoor exercise classes at Marlow Rowing Club since March 2019. We have had a steady increase in attendances since we started to deliver this new class offer. Even with COVID 19 lockdown hitting in March 2020, we have been continuing to offer sessions via zoom for continuity. Very many thanks to the British Rowing Go Row Indoor team for starting this initiative and providing ongoing support.”

CJ White, Head Coach Fairlop Rowing Club, Go Row Indoor Co-ordinator and PT at 310 Fitness

“I have been a rowing coach/PT for 8 Years and have always enjoyed the rowing machine as a piece of equipment for my classes. It is a great full body, low impact workout which is a great asset to any workout.  Since being a Go Row instructor I have learned to utilise the rowing machine in a variety of different ways and to suit any fitness level. Being an instructor allows me to open rowing up to a larger audience than just members of the rowing club and gets everyone to understand our amazing sport. The club has some down time in the evenings so it allows us to make use of this time through delivering our Go Row Indoor rowing offer and is helping the club to become much more productive.” 

Alan Fairholm, Cambois Rowing Club, Go Row Indoor Club Co-ordinator 

“Becoming a Go Row Indoor Club was a great way in introducing new members to the sport of indoor rowing, many of those members also transfer to full water members whilst still attending the indoor sessions.” 

Steve Hollands, Burton Leander Rowing Club, Go Row Indoor Club Co-ordinator 

“Go Row Indoor has opened up a new avenue to increase the usage of the club through footfall, revenue, knowledge and new members to the club. We have noticed that those who complete any of the 3 courses we deliver settle into on water rowing much more easily that those that go straight to learn to row.”

Why Go Row Indoor?

There are many great reasons to Go Row Indoor

Anyone can do it, it is great for core strength, efficient for fat burning and easy to learn and access.

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