8 reasons why rowers and coaches should consider cycle-specific insurance

Explaining the cover our specialist cycle insurance partners Bikmo offer British Rowing members


Why should British Rowing members consider cycle-specific insurance from Bikmo? And what advantages does this have over simply adding your bikes onto your home contents insurance policy?

Here’s why.

1. Accidental damage cover

Although theft is the most common reason why Bikmo’s customers claimed in 2022, you might be surprised that 40% of claims arose from accidental damage while riding a bike. This is something that many home insurers don’t cover against.

Types of claims against Bikmo cycle insurance

2. Cover away from home

Household insurance policies often don’t provide cover for theft whilst the bike is away from home either.

Bikmo knows that rowers and coaches often lock their bikes up outside the boathouse while they’re on the water, and its cover reflects that.

British Rowing members get 12 months for the price of 11* on Bikmo’s hassle-free insurance

3.  Friends and family cover

If you lend your bike to a friend or family member who lives with you, then a Bikmo policy covers them too. Simple. For visiting friends, you’ve peace of mind that your bike is covered while they ride it.

4. Comprehensive cover, as standard

Most insurance providers, even cycle-specific ones, class lots of benefits as ‘optional extras’. This increases the premium you pay if you choose those types of cover.

Bikmo offers a large number of benefits ‘as standard’ on their three policy products – Go, Plus and Race.

In addition, the Plus and Race policies include personal cover such as personal accident, medical expenses and even counselling costs.

Here is just a few of their standard cover benefits:

Bikmo cycle-specific insurance benefits

5. Multi-bike and MORE savings

Save up to 50% when insuring multiple bikes on one policy, with the discount applying to the lowest value bike. There’s also a 25% saving on e-bike policies compared to regular policies.

Want to pay monthly? No problem – there’s no extra fee to do so.

6. Trusted

Tens of thousands of riders are insured with Bikmo. They’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot, and are a certified B-Corp.

The team at Bikmo are all cyclists in one form or another, so if the worst does happen, our customers get support from people who know what they are talking about.

7. Transparent

Bikmo also publishes their claims data each year as part of their Open Project. The transparency of an insurer is an important consideration.

8. Quick quotes

All Bikmo needs is your bike’s make, value and postcode for a quick quote.

British Rowing members can get a quote in seconds by logging in to the British Rowing Membership portal and going to Member Details-Member Benefits.

Get a quote

Fun fact

What’s quicker? Pumping your tyre or getting a Bikmo Quick Quote? Watch the race below!

*Minimum premium £3.73/mo and policy wording applies. Bikmo Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ref: 745230. We are based at Glendale House, Sandycroft Industrial Estate, Flintshire CH5 2QP and our Companies House no. is 09149847.