Rotary Club donation sets accessibility plans rolling

A sizeable donation will enable Stratford upon Avon BC to design and cost major improvements to its facilities for athletes with additional mobility needs


David Taylor, President of The Rotary Club of Stratford upon Avon; Mark Dewdney, Head Adaptive Coach, Stratford BC; Dudley Simpson, Immediate Past President, Stratford Rotary; Paul Stanton, President, Stratford BC

Stratford upon Avon BC’s adaptive section is thriving, but , access for those with a disability around the Club and especially to the water does not provide these athletes with all of the facilities they require. What is needed a stable, floating landing stage pontoon, flat wheelchair friendly access in the grounds and a lift to the Club’s upstairs training rooms.

Significant investment is needed to bring access to where it should be but this is beyond the means of the club; the project will require large scale funding from government and other authorities. All the design and permission work needs to to be carried out and the project fully costed in order for funding applications to be made. This is where the Rotary Club of Stratford upon Avon has stepped in with a sizeable donation to help fund these initial but crucial steps.

Stratford BC’s Head Adaptive Coach Mark Dewdney said, “Stratford Boat Club believes in delivering the best access possible to its disabled members: the scheme will be a major step forward. Stratford Rotary Club have shown faith in our vision and we thank them for this: it has given us all a real boost.”

Commenting further, Paul Stanton, Stratford BC’s President said, “Stratford Boat Club has a long relationship with Stratford Rotary and we admire their tireless efforts to help fund good causes and charities in Stratford upon Avon: for many years Stratford Boat Club has helped with Stratford Rotary’s pivotal fundraising activities such as the annual Shakespeare Rotary Marathon and the Duck Race in August. The hard work put in by Stratford Rotary has benefitted not only good causes but also the commercial and community wellbeing of Stratford upon Avon. In this our 150th year of the Boat Club’s formation, the pontoon landing stage and access project will be a lasting legacy for adaptive sport in the area, region and nationally and Stratford Rotary’s priming donation has set the early plans going but we need substantial support from local, regional and national companies and organisations to achieve this ambitious goal.”